At Avir Pharma, partnerships and alliances are a key component of our commercial growth strategy. As a result we allocate significant financial and corporate resources to our business development activities and strategies.

We are focused on establishing international collaborations with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies with the objective of bringing innovative therapeutic medicines to Canada that will enhance the lives of Canadians.

We are continually looking for opportunities to in-license, acquire and distribute specialty pharmaceutical products for the Canadian Market.

The Partners that we work with include:

In-licensing Partners

Approved: Medicines that have been granted an approval by the Canadian Health Authorities and not currently commercially launched in Canada.

Internationally Approved: Medicines that have been approved and commercially available in other parts of the world such as Europe or United States and that have the clinical evidence and a regulatory dossier that can be submitted to the Canadian Health Authorities for near term approval and commercialization.

Late Stage Development: Medicines that are in advanced or final phases of development.(i.e. Phase III)

Acquisition Partners

Acquiring brand products or portfolio of products that are commercially available in Canada.

Distribution Partners

Collaborating with international companies for distribution of their product(s) and establishing supporting programs that are tailored to the needs of the commercial partners, the healthcare providers, institutions and ultimatly the patients.

Events we attend

We are always interested in meeting and working with potential new partners that are interested in collaborating with us. We participate in numerous partnering conferences across the globe. Please let us know if you will be attending these events as we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally about potential opportunities for collaboration.